Straight A's Student


You can start by asking yourself ” why do I want this?
When you are able to identity the reason then I assure you that this secret is all you need. All you need to do is just follow it carefully.

School life can be fun, full of stress and frustrations, couple with various activities outside normal academic curriculum.

As a student new to college, you know what good and bad grades are anyway, and you should also know that the responsibility of getting either good or bad grade rest squarely on you.

The funniest part is sometimes the brightest students find them self not performing well, often through no fault of their own.

If your goal is to come out with flying colours, then these tips will help you to achieve your goal of becoming a successful A’s student.

These tips doesn’t work for only college students, these guidelines work for both high school  and college students, first year and senior students

1. Dont Skip Classes:
You must not skip classes for any reason. Sitting in the classroom and listening to the discussion and explanation will help you alot.

Dont pay too much attention to coping note, although you can jot down the important things for refrences but make sure you focus, listen and understand your lectures so you can ask question if you have any, you may also earn some points by attending classes.

2. Goal setting.
The secret of students scoring higher marks and grades in school is having a target or goal, this is very important.

Prepare yourself a personal time table then follow the content to make sure it doesn’t fail.
Write the grades you want to make in each course. Then focus and work on how to accomplish it.

3. Develope a Reading Habit.
Avoid procrastination. Readers are leaders. Your textbooks are not for fun. Read them and they will lead and guide you.

If you are lazy in reading you can never archive your goal, you must know the purpose of your being in school, don’t just read only to pass exams but to acquire knowledge and make sure you study effectively, gain something from what you’ve studied.

Note: Take time to prepare for exams.

4.Get To Know Your Course mates Or Classmates. 

Someone you can contact when an unexpected absence takes you out of class and get missed note. You also need to befriend someone that is willing to study. Try setting up a study group, encircle yourself with people who have the zeal to read when test or exams are approaching.

Note: The reason why so many students score low or fail in exam is that they read too hard. Sound silly right? But reading too hard is not really necessary. All you need is to read points. Reading off point is one of the reason why some students end up with bad grades.

5. Be Optimistic.
I’m doing so bad at school, i’m so scared to my bones, i feel like so much of a failure, i’m disappointing my parents bla bla bla, thats enough, you are more than that. Always tell yourself ” i have the power to achieve better grades”. Encouraging yourself all the time and staying focused is one of the best tools of getting straight a’s. But all these will work with hard work on your part.

Exercise strengthening your brain power and you need it, If going to the gym isn’t part of your weekly routine then try some light like jogging at least 30 minutes, make sure you stay hydrated all the time.

7. Pray.

Prayer moves mountains and with God all things are possible. Always ask God for more strength because you cannot do anything without Him, Include prayer period while drawing your personal time table this is very important. Always ask God for help during exams for better outcome.


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