Pregnancy care

Men and Their Pregnant Wife
Pregnancy is preparation to welcome a new member into the family.
As a man, there are certain things you can do to help your spouse prepare for the  D day . 
In this article we re going to talk about those things but firstly, let’s look at what most women do during pregnancy that can be so annoying as some men say.

1. Vomiting often
2. They sleep off anywhere with slightest chance even in the kitchen.
3. Morning weakness and fever
4. Most women will add up weight
5. Most women will be looking like pencil
6.Spitting here and there
7 Nagging
8. Craving for unimaginable things.
Now that you know that pregnancy makes women do certain things.

  • You should also know that this is the time they need you ( husband) the most. Don’t neglect your pregnant wife.

How to support your pregnant wife
1. Show concern:
When I see men showing no concern to their pregnant women it bothers me, ask her regularly how she feels and how the baby is, because she is the carrier so she feels him/ her move.

2 . Assist her:
Its just 9 months, not like its forever, helping her with house chores would be nice, you need also to adjust to some temporary changes.

3. Be extra patient:
Her attitude becomes more annoying, most times you can’t stand it, all you need to do is to pardon her, tolerate her, carrying the baby ain’t easy.
Don’t get upset if she ever wakes you up by 1:30am to help her do one thing or the other. You have to feel little of her discomfort and pain. Its beautiful afterwards.

4. Celebrate her:
Tell your pregnant wife how beautiful she looks during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is not software downloaded from Internet, neither it is purchased in the store.
Its a seed planted by you the husband and is germinating and growing. And your wife(women) have been given the responsibity to be the carrier of that seed while it grows.
It is not an easy journey for all.

5. Take her out:
Even if she has grown bigger in size because of pregnancy, don’t be ashamed to take her out once in a while to those lovie dovie places you used to go, its one of the best way to treat your spouse during pregnancy, they love it.

6. Closeness:
This is one of the times she needs you most, you have to be extra loving, enduring and understanding, always observe your wife’s feet while pregnant, it swells often, help her massage her feet or give her a bowel of water to soak her leg once in a while.

7. Regular Sex:
Pregnancy is journey fun filled and amazing, so sex should not be exempted.
Do you know that having sex with your wife during pregnancy contributes to state of health of the mother and unborn baby? Check my article about Pregnancy And Sex.


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