bloating in babies
Bloating in babies

Is Stomach Bloating In Babies Deadly?

Anyone else have this issue? I’m a FTM( first time mom) so I have no experience in this.
My little man’s tummy is supper bloated, also he poops all the time ( he goes poop like 6-8x a day) and has gas all the time too. Another concern of mine is the fact that he is so weak and doesn’t seem comfortable, plus, he’s having these bowel movement. My mum thinks he looks normal, I haven’t taken him to the doctor though…any home remedy for these? Anyone


  1. None of us can give really give you advice without medically knowing what’s going on, could be stomach virus, give him small amounts of liquid.

  2. Give small amounts of clear fluids only. No milk for now as it makes the diarrhea worse. My ex was from sierra Leon and he would give us something called gray( spelling?) When we had diarrhea issues


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