In this article we want to talk about
1. What miscarriage is.
2. Early signs of miscarriage.
3. Different kinds of miscarriages.
4. How long after miscarriage the pains stop.
5. How to stop (prevent)miscarriage from happening.
6. Pregnancy after miscarriage ( success stories from women).

The term miscarriage also known as pregnancy loss, is the natural termination of a pregnancy! The fetal expulsion of a foetus from the womb before term which mostly occur in the first 4- 13 weeks of pregnancy ( first trimester).

1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage and 1 in 100 have multiples. Research shows that miscarriage rates increase steadily with age, with more substantial increase after age of 35. In those under the age of 35 the risk is about 10% while its about 45% in those over the age of 40.


1. Early Miscarriages ( chemicals) are very common, it happens during the first or second weeks past ovulation day, often women who experience early miscarriage do not even know they are pregnant not until they miscarried.

Signs Of Early miscarriages

There can be many signs or zero but here are the possible signs you could be having miscarriage .
Severe cramping such as pelvic cramps, belly pains or lower back pains and bleeding is often the first early signs of miscarriage. But don’t be too quick to judge for this symptoms may occur with a normal pregnancy.

2. Late Miscarriages also known as missed miscarriage occur during second trimester when fetus dies but the body hasn’t recognized the loss.
Women keep having a positive test with a missed miscarriage even pregnancy symptoms will still be there because the placenta may continue to release hormones.

Late Miscarriages Signs.
Severe cramping or pains in your abdomen, not feeing movement of your unborn baby and also vaginal bleeding or spotting.
Note: you may experience light bleeding or spotting and still have a health baby. Some late miscarriages don’t have a specific symptoms, See your doctor when you feel things are not right.

3. Incomplete Abortion ( miscarriage) is one that does Not fully remove all product trace of the fetus. As most of the miscarriages do not complete on it own , that is why you need medical assistant anytime you miscarried to remove the remaining tissue if any.

Signs Of Incomplete Miscarriages.
In some cases, not all of the pregnancy tissue content of the womb came away on their own after a miscarriage, some pregnancy tissue come away by itself but some don’t. These signs include:
Bleeding heavily, pass clots, stomach pains that feels like crampy constractions and no sign of improvement, see a doctor.

Your body may recover quickly after a miscarriage but it depends on how long you were in your pregnancy and the kind of miscarriage you experience.
For some women the pain won’t go not until few weeks even when they’ve stopped bleeding. So you know, infections and retained products can make the pain awful. And women who go through labor and delivery of the miscarriage, it can take weeks or months to totally recover. Ring the hospital and ask their advice.

You can’t really prevent miscarriage. What you can do to help pregnancy through is drink fluids, seek medical attention if you can’t keep food or liquids down, and also take your prenatal Vitamins. Vitamin E, vitamin c, high methofolate, progesterone morning and night, this things can help a lot. Make sure you go to your appointments as well.


I had a miscarriage the end of June 2017, had 1 period July 25th and got pregnant. I am now 38 weeks with a healthy baby girl, you are a lot more fertile after a miscarriage, how ever my OB suggested we waited 1 cycle ( to allow your body to finish cleaning the left over out) and then try again so I got pregnant immediately. We also did progesterone shots and vaginal capsules, so that’s another option you may ask your OB about when if you fall pregnant again.
Its a hard road and very scary but I have the best support by my husband through this.
Maria Nelson.

For years I have worried that it wasn’t ever going to be possible for me to get pregnant again, after the loss of my son on Dec 27th 2015 and the severity of my pcos and hormone imbalance, and I really never thought that after having a IUD still intact that I would become pregnant while on IUD, I am 26 weeks with a healthy baby girl.
Demi Louise.

Yes I did, 2 weeks after my miscarriage, I had no period in between……. Plus I was taking supplement.
Sarah Davis.

Not Straight after( I lost a lot of blood and was very ill for quite a few weeks after but 2 months after losing our twins.we weren’t trying just left it to God’s perfect timing. My precious miracle rainbow baby is 3 weeks old now.
Kristin Clarke

I got pregnant straight away 2 weeks after. 14 pregnancy after 12 miscarriages and my son born.
Nancy mark.

I had miscarriage at 6 weeks in September and bled for 4 days, tried again straight away and fell pregnant, 4 weeks later I tested positive 2-3 weeks on clear blue, I am now 33 weeks with a healthy baby.
Magaret Daniel.


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