Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and normal. During pregnancy, the desire for sex increases or reduces for some women at different stages of pregnancy. These changes do not indicate that sex during this period is harmful, as intercourse during pregnancy is perfectly safe if the pregnancy is progressing normally. Also, sex is in no way harmful to your baby. Your baby is well protected within your uterus, so sex is considered safe during all stages of normal pregnancy.

What are the benefits of having sex during pregnancy?

You may be asking yourself questions like; why having sex during pregnancy, why not wait till I deliver my baby… by that time I will have passion and strength for it.
You may want to have a second thought after reading this!
Having ascertained that sex during all phases of normal pregnancy is totally safe, let us look at how helpful or beneficiary sex during pregnancy is both to the growing fetus and the mother.

Making love during pregnancy really does you and your baby good. If pregnancy has made you become sexually handicapped, get this incredible guide.
Here are some benefits you stand to enjoy when you have sex during pregnancy:

1. Lower blood pressure:

Having regular sex during pregnancy stimulates your body to release some hormones, which reduces the chances of high blood pressure occurrence. With regular sex, pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia can be naturally avoided


2. It improves your sleep for moms & Babies:

Since sex is relaxing, it helps you to sleep better. Also for babies, the upward and downward rocking motion of sex often lures them to sleep. As a pregnant woman, you need a lot of rest and sleep. Getting enough sleep enhances your health and your baby’s proper formation.

3. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles: 

Regular sex during pregnancy can help keep your pelvic floor muscles fit and strong. Having your muscles toned will help you to be prepared for labor.

4. Improves orgasms:

Some women achieve a real orgasm for the first time in their lives during pregnancy; because increased blood flows through your organs will intensify sexual desire and so prepares your body for true orgasm.

5. Better bonding and fidelity between partners:

Apart from making both the mother and the baby healthier by reducing levels of stress, it also ensures better bonding and intimacy between partners. Pregnancy is not an excuse to leave your partner sexually starved. Here is how to re-spark the romance and save your marriage during pregnancy. Having regular sex increases the production of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for attachment and love.

The benefits of sex during pregnancy are enormous and cannot be overemphasized.
Now that we have seen some of the benefits of sex during pregnancy, let’s look at some key position that will enhance your full participation and enjoyment of sex during pregnancy

Enhanced Sexual Positions During Pregnancy

Have you been trying to find the position that’s more comfortable and will not hurt? Here are some tips for you.

1. You on top of your partner:

With this position, there will be no weight on your abdomen and you can also control the depth of penetration. This position can work throughout your pregnancy.

2. Side by side:

lie horizontally with your partner facing your back and entering from behind. Keep some pillows for support as your pregnancy progresses.

3. Doggy style:

The famous doggy style is very safe for pregnant women. A pillow can provide needed tummy support in this position, support yourself on your knees and elbows as your partner kneels and enter from the back.

Once you are in the mood, you may also want to experiment your favorite positions; this is totally fine as far as it does not hurt you or your baby. the list of possible position continues.

Some women who love sex when they are not pregnant, tend to find it difficult to get into the mood of having sex. Some don’t even want to hear about sex and in extreme cases, dislike or hate their male partners.
This post will not be complete without giving tips to help these women to get in the mood and enjoy the massive benefits of sex during pregnancy.

Tips for Getting in the mood

For those ladies who don’t fancy sex at all during pregnancy and those who find it difficult to get in the mood for the activity, don’t blame yourselves.
Not having desires for sex is not your fault. Some of the reasons are that you are bloated, hormonal, tired and nauseous, like all the time; and that makes sex the last thing on your mind during pregnancy.
That notwithstanding, staying connected with your partner is in some ways more important than ever since your baby will depend on the unity between you and your partner for love, support, and stability.
Not only that, you don’t want to miss the benefits we have discussed above. Pregnant women with strong healthy sexual relationships have healthier behaviors during pregnancy and better birth outcomes.

For some women, getting in the mode is harder than finding a comfortable sleeping position. Here are…

Six tips for getting in the mood for pregnancy sex:

1. Take things slowly:

This is not the time you should really force yourself into sex or feel bad about your body or feel guilty. Increasing desire and emotional connection can be really helpful, try and focus on what gives you pleasure. It can be a foot massage (which increases oxytocin and arousal). Also, read romantics books like passionate marriage, you will soon find yourself in the mood.

2. Keep your Mind Relaxed:

In order to fill your mind with sexy thoughts, you have to free your mind of all the discomforts that you are going through now as the body parts that were usually for sexual intimacy now prepares for motherhood. There has to be a conscious effort on your part. Put all the bloating, hormonal disorders tiredness behind and choose to enjoy yourself during this period too.

3. Engage in an activity that will arouse:

I recommend that you focus on what is most erotic for you; get this incredible sex and guide. Think about sex when you are not in the middle of it, recall your previous escapades. This may help to keep you in the right frame of mind for sexual activities.

4. Chose the right and comfortable position:

If you are not using the right position, having sex during pregnancy can be painful at times. You need to use the recommendations given in this post and also find a comfortable position that works for you. Get creative with pillows too.


Sex during normal pregnancy has massive benefits; this post has addressed some of those things that will make sex fun during pregnancy. You don’t want to miss them for anything.
The only exception to this is cases of complications during pregnancy; having sex during abnormal pregnancy may not be advisable. The services of a physician should be sought immediately.


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