Deadly Side Effects Of Long Term Bleaching.

Skin bleaching also known as skin lightening is a process of using chemical mixtures treatments to lighten skin colour. The aim of some whitening products is to help remove dark spots caused by aging, sun damage and other skin deseses not mentioned but dark skinned people take advantage of these products to the extent of applying it all over their body to provide an even skin complexion.

The Contents Of This Article:
1. The reasons why dark skinned people bleach.
2. The side Effects
3. Why you should stop bleaching.
4. How to stop Bleaching
5. How to get back your real colour

Why Do Some Dark Skinned People Bleach Their Skin Colour?
The truth is that some bleachers have their own good reasons why the bleach their skin even with the risk involved they dont really care.
Some of these reasons are to gain more attention, to fit in among their friends, being fairer makes them feel Pretty, some said lighter skin looks beautiful in a photographs and and that they get more views when posted on social media, but the real deal is, it will damage your skin on the long run and live you with self-hatred and low self-esteem.


The Risk Involved In Skin Bleaching Products

Any skin whitening products applied to the skin without the supervision of a dermatologist leads to more serious problems.

1. Kills The Skin Cell

Most skin bleaching products contain at least 4% hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is very harsh and harmful chemical that lightens the colour of the skin area which it applied but when overuse, it will completely kills the cell of your skin and can never be repaired.

2. Skin Cancer.

According to Dr AZADEH senior lecturer at the medical school university of Gambia.
Skin cancer is reported as one of the major causes of death amongst bleachers and therefore it is just a matter of time before we have a full blown epidemic on our hands. We must therefore Strive to change behavior by addressing physical, mental and symbolic remnants of light skinned superiority and dark skinned inferiority which contribute to low self-esteem and confidence.

3.Skin Thinning

Bleaching creams that contain steriods prevent acne and ezcema when applied and can also weaken the elasticity of the skin and make it thininer and more fragile when overused.

And also may increase skin infections such as stretch marks, eczema, acne, redness, peeling, dryness, burning and a rash and poor wind healing.

4. Kidney Problems
Bleaching or lightening products can be deadly or dangerous because of their ingredients (chemicals) and one of these chemical is called mercury. Creams that contain mercury are a known possible cause of kidney problems, also cause internal damage.

Now that you know the side effects of bleaching I also think you should  stop using those bleaching products for good, I’m you may not want to look like a ghost in your 50’s.

How To Stop Bleaching

If you want stop bleaching , you wont like the transformation back to your original complexion because you are used to your lightening skin already , definetely it will bring about insercurites plus the fact that people who bleached get darker than before when they stop bleaching. But the truth is, you still need to stop with the bleaching before it shrinks you.
Talking about how to stop bleaching, the first thing you must do is to stop using the product immediately.

How Do I Get Back My Real Colour After Few Years Of Bleaching?

It actually takes a long time to go back to your real and normal skin colour but it worth it, I suggest you start with a natural products , start using mild soap like pears baby soap , Savannah soap or detol soap. And also go for creams like natural Shea butter and blue seal Vaseline or any other natural products.

CONCLUSION: Skin bleaching kills destiny, stop killing the nature and enjoy the natural skin God Gave to you. Dark skin is very beautiful.



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